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La San Marco Combo - 85E Sprint, SM92 Grinder & CMD Pro Kit

$4,500.00 USD 4500
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The La San Marco Series 85 is one of the most complete lines of professional espresso coffee machines of the entire range that La San Marco produces. High quality materials are used for the built-in components such as brass, copper and stainless steel; these are combined with a die-cast powder coated aluminum body which makes the Series 85 durable, easy to clean and functional, reflecting the high standard of certified quality of La San Marco espresso machines. The machine comes as standard with 2 steam wands, either side of the drip tray and a hot water outlet. This unit can handle your busy rushes in the morning, and is just as happy to tick along all day in an easy-going cafe or takeout shop. We recommend use for a low to medium volume cafe.

The SM92 has NEW CENTESIMAL RING which sets it apart from other grinders out there. The adjustment ring enables more precise adjustments compared with previous models, in order to match the particle size of the ground coffee to the humidity of the atmosphere, to the coffee blend and to the type of grinder. Aesthetically the new centesimal ring enables the control settings to be read more easily through intuitive labelling which indicates the correct direction with an arrow to regulate the grinding particle sizes. Technically, the new system allows for the distance between the burrs to be adjusted with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimetre, thus enabling a more efficient extraction of the volatile elements and in turn obtain coffee with a superior aromatic character.

CMD Pro Starter Kit included.  Kit includes; one shot glass, a 0.6L milk steaming jug, 1L milk steaming jug, cafiza tablets, a scale, a knock box, a tamper, and a tamper mat. 

** Please note white grinder no longer available.  Alternate grinder colors are available such as metal red or anthracite grey.**

WARNING: California Proposition 65 Applies to this Item — LEARN MORE

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