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BWT BestMax Canister + BestHead Water Filtration System

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BWT Bestmax PREMIUM Type



Connection thread (in/out)



Intake pressure, min.–max. in bar

2 – 8


Water temperature, min.–max. in °C

4 – 30


Ambient temperature, min.–max. in °C

4 – 40


Total height without bracket (A) in mm



Total height with bracket (B) in mm



Connection height (C) in mm



Distance from floor (D) in mm



Installed length (E) in mm



Filter cartridge (F) in mm



Weight in kg, approx.



Please note BestHead is not included in Canister Purchase. 

BWT Bestmax is the all-round filtration solution for unique coffee water, ideal water for vending machines and optimal steam generation for ovens and combi steamers. Simple and practical – specifically developed for the wide-ranging requirements of the catering industry. Thanks to new High Efficiency Technology (HET) from BWT water+more, BWT Bestmax range of filter cartridges, delivers superior water optimization.

Your benefits: Consistently high-quality water for all hot and cold drinks, in cups and mugs, in the kitchen and the bakery, for all snacks and bakery products.

The new capacity dimension from BWT water+more - As the innovation leader BWT water+more continually develops its water optimization filter systems. With new “High Efficiency Technology” (HET), BWT water+more is once again setting new benchmarks in the market.

Following sophisticated research by BWT engineers, chemists and water technologists we are proud to announce a new dimension of filter capacity, efficiency and safety

BWT Bestmax water optimization stands for:

  • Highest efficiency with 5× filtration
  • Highly efficient hard water treatment for scale protection
  • Connection technology for all filter types & sizes
  • Simple filter exchange
  • Direct, one-off bypass setting at the filter head
  • Includes filtration of the bypass water
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically
  • Automatic shut-off valve when changing filter
  • Back flow shut-off valve integrated in filter head


The BWT besthead filter head is a smart technological solution that can be fixed to any BWT water+more filter, so you only have to purchase it once! The bypass is easy to install, can be used repeatedly, and is safe. A non-return valve on the inlet side prevents any ingress of water into the drinking water system and a similar valve on the outlet side seals the filter off from the end device (e.g. coffee machine). Both non-return valves close if there is a sudden drop in pressure, which prevents leakage and water discharge during replacement of the filter. The dual system is rounded off by the BWT Bestflush bleed valve, which is what makes this technology unique.

Benefits of the BWT besthead at a glance:

·         Universal head for all BWT water optimization systems for fixed water connections

·         Easy to install

·         Reliable and low-maintenance

·         Extremely safe and fully compliant with legal standards

Product Information

·         BWT water+more universal filter head and filtration system

·         Simple to use and safe, using the integrated automatic water stop bypass setting

·         Non-return valve prevents leakage and return into the pipe system

·         Water stop valve for simple and safe filter replacement with no water discharge

WARNING: California Proposition 65 Applies to this Item — LEARN MORE

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