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Kees Van Der Westen - Speedster

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  • Total consumed power (Watts) can be diminished by retracting an electric bridge at the center solid state relay: whenever the heating element of the coffee boiler is activated, one of the steam boiler elements is now automatically de-activated. This brings down total wattage with 900 to 2.200Watt. (Standard max wattage is 3.100.) Yet hardly any effect can be noted in capacity. Heating up from cold will take a bit longer however. The bridge on the center SSR is standard deleted on 115Volt machines.
  • Intuitive operation by lever. Group lever offers manual and automatic infusion.
  • Self-bleeding group.
  • Energy saving Eco mode on each temperature controller, for nights and/or weekends.
  • Two hot water temperatures under one switch: pulling toggle switch up gives boiling hot water, toggle down supplies mixed cold & hot water.
  • Energy saving hot water system. Some cold is added to the hot water, so less heated water is needed. This mix provides a steady, non-spattering stream with the correct temperature to prepare Americanos.
  • Drip tray adjustable in height.
  • Stainless steel filter holders with KVW POM handles.
  • Slow automatic infusion process, with step-less build-up of pressure to full extraction mode. This allows a finer grind, creating more surface, so a higher yield in the cup, less chance on channeling, preventing fines to travel down.
  • Progressive pre-infusion cylinder. Even with the pump running a spring-loaded piston absorbs first rising pressure on coffee to allow for a longer initial saturation of the puck.
  • Wide choice in filter baskets, both sizes as types.
  • Rubber group gaskets remain flexible forever, do not become hard or brittle.
  • Membrane type group screen, very nice dispersion, less coffee sucked up by discharge of pressure at end of extraction. Remains clean longer.
  • Heat neutral polymer dispersion block, no loss of heat, no baking on of oils and fats, remains clean longer.
  • Heavily protected heating element (extra safety level probe, cut-out switches).
  • Entire frame in stainless steel only, powder coated in crackle black.
  • Large steam boiler capacity of 3.5ltr.


  • Width: 23.62 inches / 60 centimeters
  • Length: 25.59 inches / 65 centimeters
  • Height: 14.57 inches / 37 centimeters
  • Weight: 99 pounds / 45 kilograms (tanks filled)
  • Single-phase power: 200-240 volts AC, 50/60 hertz, 20 amps
  • Wattage: 3100 watts

This Kees Van Der Westen Speedster, 1 group commercial coffee espresso machine, is the ideal espresso machine for all those who are looking for something uniquely special and is known for its unprecedented performance. This rare gem is Brand New and ready to be installed in your café.

Make coffee excellent with the Speedster!

 The Speedster is engineered with high grade steel body panels which are finished with crackle black powder coating.  This rigid finish creates a big contrast between the body panels and the high gloss parts.  Before being polished the aircraft, grade aluminum side panels are milled and colored black.  This rigid finish creates a striking contrast between the body panela and the high gloss parts.


The Speedster is equipped with two separately functioning boilers: one large steam boiler to produce hot water and steam, one boiler with group to heat water to brew coffee. Each boiler has its own electronic temperature controller system, heating element and safety devices, offering extremely precise temperature stability.

High capacity is secured by the large steam boiler, over-rated heating elements in both boilers, and a heat-exchanger inside the steam boiler, pre-heating the brew water for the large dedicated coffee boiler.


The rear steam boiler has a total capacity of 3.5 liter. It is made entirely in 316L stainless steel. Wall of boiler is 2mm thick, the flanges are 6mm. An electronic temperature controller gets its information through a very precise and fast reacting probe, located in the steam and activates the heating elements via solid state relays.

It is easy to adjust and offers an Eco mode for longer periods of idle, dropping temperature to 70 C. The heating elements provide a powerful 1.800Watt. This is divided over two elements of 900Watt each, mounted on one flange. There are no moving parts in the heating system. The steam valve has a large knob, stainless steel wand and a steam tip with 4 holes in fan-shape, each with a diameter of 1,2mm.

WARNING: California Proposition 65 Applies to this Item — LEARN MORE

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