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Nuova Simonelli - Aurelia

$3,250.00 USD 3250
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Machine Depth 22"

Machine Height 21"

Machine Width 38"

Boiler Size: 15 liters

Volts 220v

30 amp plug

Perfect For:


*High quality coffee shops, medium - high volume locations

*Coffee Shop



*Volumetric Dosing

*Manual Dosing

*Raised Group Heads

*Bar Pump Gauge

*Water Level Indicator

*3-month parts warranty

*3 potafilers


This Nuova Simonelli Aurelia 3 Group Volumetric commercial coffee espresso machine is the ideal espresso machine for all those who are looking for unprecedented performance and reliability. Being volumetric, this model can increase productivity and consistency at the press of a button.

The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia is an engineering marvel and is the only espresso machine designed using computed theoretical models to achieve temperature stability. In order to achieve its high level of temperature stability, every aspect of the machine had to be perfectly balanced and engineered to exacting standards. The result is an amazing and truly remarkable system that self-stabilizes using its own water and a single heat source to maintain thermal equilibrium. The Aurelia’s scientifically designed brew group weighs over 12 pounds and is a key factor in the machine’s temperature stability, and it allows the operator to customize the degree of pre-infusion, brew temperature, and flow rate individually. The Aurelia is the only machine in the world certified as ergonomic for barista by the European Institute of Psychology and Ergonomics thanks to its unique push-pull steam levers, wide-angle visual field, exposed group head, soft-touch silicon buttons, and smooth locking porta-filters. Each group head on the Aurelia has a one-liter boiler of fresh water on reserve that never comes in contact with a heating element. This eliminates the risk of alkalinity spikes associated with stagnant boiler water in contact with heating elements. Water delivered to the coffee is always fresh, controllable and pH balanced. The Soft-Infusion-System® employed by the Aurelia is an innovative pre-infusion system that is adjustable, consistent and has no risk of user error. The Soft-Infusion-System® is unique due to the fact that it extracts centrifugally by injecting water at different angles into the coffee cake which eliminates channeling and maximizes espresso extraction by creating more contact time between the water and coffee. The superior espresso extraction is evident in the cup and to your senses. All of this technology is packed into a machine that delivers high performance, reliability, and withstands the test of time.

WARNING: California Proposition 65 Applies to this Item — LEARN MORE 

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