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BWT BestProtect Canister + BestHead Water Filtration System

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BWT Bestprotect



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Please Note Canister Purchase Does Not Include BestHead

With BWT Bestprotect, you can optimize raw water for catering applications in a targeted way. This filter system ensures balanced mineralization and a consistently high pH value in the filtrate – key factors that minimize the risk of corrosion. Hardness-forming calcium ions are practically entirely removed and deposits of limescale and gypsum prevented in the case of raw water containing carbonates or sulphates. Insoluble or difficult-to-remove deposits in machines are now a thing of the past. The filter system consists of a filter cartridge with a BWT besthead filter head (see graphic). Check valves in the filter head prevent water backflow and uncontrolled water discharge. BWT Bestprotect food-safe filter systems are pressure-resistant and safe. They can be used worldwide in any drinking water system.

With these products from BWT water+more, you can optimize any water, in any location, for any catering application in a targeted way. Use the experience and technologies of BWT water+more to supply your business and your processes with the best possible water efficiently.



The BWT besthead filter head is a smart technological solution that can be fixed to any BWT water+more filter, so you only have to purchase it once! The bypass is easy to install, can be used repeatedly, and is safe. A non-return valve on the inlet side prevents any ingress of water into the drinking water system and a similar valve on the outlet side seals the filter off from the end device (e.g. coffee machine). Both non-return valves close if there is a sudden drop in pressure, which prevents leakage and water discharge during replacement of the filter. The dual system is rounded off by the BWT Bestflush bleed valve, which is what makes this technology unique.

Benefits of the BWT besthead at a glance:

  • Universal head for all BWT water optimization systems for fixed water connections
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable and low-maintenance
  • Extremely safe and fully compliant with legal standards
Product Information
  • BWT water+more universal filter head and filtration system
  • Simple to use and safe, using the integrated automatic water stop bypass setting
  • Non-return valve prevents leakage and return into the pipe system
  • Water stop valve for simple and safe filter replacement with no water discharge
WARNING: California Proposition 65 Applies to this Item — LEARN MORE
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