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Installation Guide

Installation Guide for Espresso Machine & Grinder

The below information is a great reference and should be used as a guide when installing a commercial espresso machine and grinder.

Commercial Espresso Machine 

  • We suggest a dry, well ventilated work bench, this should be approx 32” -  45” high, with 6” clear space around the machine to allow for cleaning and maintaining the machine. Please do not forget to allocate an area for your grinder which is usually on the right side for right handed Baristas.
  • Under the machine you should dedicate an open space of approx 17 x 17 x 12 (In w x h x d) for your filter and an external motor and pump (This is for machines that have external pumps) Rancilio do not have external pumps.
  • In order to connect of these up it is advisable to have a 3” hole drilled your bench, for water pipes and electricity cables. This hole should be set for the middle of the machine.


  • You need to engage a licensed plumber to install a cold water outlet which is easily accessible. The water that is fed into the espresso machine must remain at 2 – 3 GPG otherwise most manufacturers will void your warranty.
  • Most espresso machine inlet hoses terminate in a 3/8″ female fitting which will connect directly to a filter. We recommend that the water supply enter low on either side and near to the back surface within 40” of the machine. 

Power Supply

  • Always use a licensed electrical contractor to connect your espresso machine and grinder. Your espresso machine will require a 220 -  240 Volt single-phase supply with the specific current protection ratings as per machine specifications.
  • Espresso machines generally have a 40” lead coming out from the rear left side. Therefore the GPO should be located near the left side. Many café owners have a power supply installed below the machine in the service area and therefore run the cable from the machine through the hole in the bench for water and drainage.
  • IMPORTANTLY if your power or isolating switches are located in areas affected by water it is compulsory to install weatherproof power switches. The majority of commercial espresso machines will generally require a minimum 15A – 30A power supply. Some multi boiler 3 – 4 group machines may require a 40amp outlet to be installed. Single group domestic (home) machines require 10A and 110v outlet. In these circumstances, we recommend having a licensed electrician install a dedicated circuit for your espresso machine.
  • For your commercial grinder these can either run on 110V or 240V and be anywhere between 10A – 20A.
  • Please note that it is not un common for a commercial coffee machine direct from the factory to be delivered without a plug and therefore it would be the responsibility of your licensed electrician to install and supply a suitable plug.

Outlet Drain/Waste

  • A drain-pipe with trap is required which will allow for direct drainage.
  • 99% of the time a drain hose from machine to trap will be provided with your machine and these are usually 30” – 40”.