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Mr. Collins Laneway Blend (5 lbs bag)

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50% Brazil, 50% Honduras 

Flavor Notes:

Hazelnut, Caramel, Almond

The Laneway Blend: 

The Laneway blend combines the beans of Brazil and Honduras to offer a smooth, nutty, and milk chocolate finish. This is our most popular espresso blend.

This blend is perfect for milk-based drinks.

Our Story:

We believe every cup of coffee should bring happiness and enjoyment. Now stand still, close your eyes, and think about the feeling you get when you are taking a sip of a warm cup of coffee. That sip of coffee is a culmination of years of hard work, a journey of a thousand miles, and passion. 

We are passionate about coffee, therefore we look for the best beans we can find, to deliver quality, consistency, and happiness to every cup of coffee served by our customers. Our partners go deep into the forests to source the best beans, from highly appreciated farmers, to bring forward an amazing flavorful experience to all our single-origins and blends.


Our Mission:

To provide a range of amazing coffees suitable to everyone’s unique pallet

To work with our roasters so that we can offer exceptional and diverse profiles

To supply the world’s best espresso equipment capable of producing amazing quality coffee

To educate our partner cafes with ongoing barista training

To bring technical support by our dedicated technicians, when you most need it

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