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Wega Vela - High Cup

$3,150.00 USD 3150
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Wega have produced yet another reliable work-horse. The steam taps and open front create an excellent sense of space for the barista to work in. The steam wands have a huge range of motion and ensure that even beginners can create perfectly texturized milk up to a pro barista standard. 


The 6 volumetric dosage buttons for each group allow you to perfectly fine tune your extraction, depending on your customers taste. They can easily all be programmed by the barista in house, so you never should worry about shot times. The machine does it all for you!


All round, Wega units are extremely popular in the coffee industry, especially with high volume cafes. They are consistently reliable machines and are easy to maintain and service. If you are a first-time buyer in the industry, this is the perfect machine for you.

 WARNING: California Proposition 65 Applies to this Item — LEARN MORE

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