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White Wega Polaris High Cup

$3,150.00 USD 3150
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CMA is one of the most respected Italian manufacturers of espresso machines and Grinders and they also produce Astoria, Mazzer Grinders & San Marino. Their reputation has been built on reliability, style, durability and ease of service.

These Italian machines are stylishly designed and demand to be displayed. With their classic flowing lines and gleaming detail, they're made to hold center stage.

With a galvanized chassis, a large capacity boiler these machines are built to last. (Indeed, we’ve seen some of this manufacturer's machines made 15 years ago still working strong!) With a powerful element for sustained temperature and a voluminous boiler for copious steam you have a strong, dependable machine, much favored by discerning operators.

It's essential your machine provides dependability. Even with the fastest service support, a breakdown may cause a loss of revenue, with a busy site having to turn away customers to their competitors. Above all, these machines are extremely reliable.  You may have a great machine but if your routine service highlights a problem requiring a spare which then takes days to arrive it can be aggravating and potentially expensive. These machines are built to be easily maintained by any good service firm – just ask one!


. A galvanized chassis

. A large capacity boiler 

. External Pump

. 3 Group Handle

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